Forgive the self indulgence,  the following is more a less a brief history and archive - mainly for family, friends to let them know what I’m up to.

The creative bubble is still within and I’m discovering  new found hobbies that I’ll continue to explore with great enthusiasm, especially if they’re paying ones :)

2016 was something of a milestone for me. It marked fifty years since I first started in this industry, joining  ATN Channel 7 at Epping (Sydney) as one excited teen in the staging department. I’ve met some great people in those early days.  Too numerous to mention.  But funny how you track their careers as the years go by. Some became directors of photography  in the film industry, actors, scriptwriters and Hollywood even beckoned a few of them - academy award winners at that! They’re the elite of their craft but  most in the industry are really great people - you have to be to survive.  I relied on having a secure job and stayed for eighteen years at the Epping studios prior to going freelance way back in 1984! That’s roughly the time when a one piece portable video unit became available - Sony’s Betacam.