This is the home page of Digibeta Video, the company I set up some thirty two years ago. It’s still in operation, though as my wife and I  slowly succumb to our new surrounds and lodgings, work seems to be taking a ‘back seat’ as we consider the next phase in life.  

Forgive my self indulgence, as the following is more a less a brief history and archive - mainly to convince myself that it’s time to have a break. The creative bubble is still within me and I’m discovering  new found hobbies that I’ll continue to explore with great enthusiasm, especially if they’re paying ones :)

2016 - a milestone? 

It’s now over fifty years since I first started in this industry, joining  ATN Channel 7 at Epping (Sydney) as one excited teen in the staging department. I’ve met some great people in those early days.  Too numerous to mention now.  But funny how you track their careers as the years go by. Some became directors of photography (yes, real ones) in the film industry, actors, scriptwriters and Hollywood even beckoned a few of them - academy award winners at that! They’re the exception as most in the industry are really great people - you have to be to survive.  I relied on having a secure job and stayed for eighteen years at the Epping studios prior to going freelance in 1984!


‘Videotape’ was the buzz word, most of the shows were pre-recorded as the old kinescopes became redundant. Staging was fun even though the hours were pretty awful. Some of the shows back then - Mavis Bramston, Today Show, Beauty and the Beast, Pick a Box, Bob Crosby Show (my first ‘live’ show as a stage hand), Romper Room, It’s All Happening, TV Tutorial and the Bathurst OB (Gallagher 500 back then).


After going through the ranks of camera operation at 7, I became a director with Artransa. Just before the advent of Betacam, I shot and directed an expedition with the ‘Dick Smith Explorer’ to Antarctica. “One Antarctic Summer” was a highlight of my career. It was time to move on despite Artransa purchasing the first Betacam in Australia. The rest is pretty much history. Corporates, 2nd Unit on a telemovie, various documentaries involving local and world travel and a new camera once every 3 to 4 years. The switch from analog to digital being one of the big developments. Had these cameras been around when I started -  wow, what a difference they would have made.


  Even though I still retain a basic lighting kit and utilise Sony’s FS7 (HD and 4K), around half way through 2015 I exited my regular gig with thoughts directed for a break. I’ve been very fortunate as a freelancer, even now I’ll still do jobs for clients that I’ve worked with for over thirty years. Not that there’s all that many now.

Reckon this is still the best job in the world :)

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Archive links to some recent and not so recent videos on both Vimeo and YouTube -

Phantom 3 test.

Jindilli Farm

Opening segment - location France

A quick edit of some Nile Broll for a promo.

Not surprisingly dated - but what an adventure

Location: Wales

Camera Versus Sigma  - long time ago now :)

Shot on Super 8.

On Location  archive

Where we live   and what I mostly do.  A ‘coastie’ lifestyle is very easy going.





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